"14:28, May 12, 2008; 31.0 degrees north latitude, 103.4 degrees east longitude." The whole world has remembered this time and this place. Just in an instant, the once serene place could no longer be peaceful. The shaking earth slaughtered almost 70,000 people, and devoured nearly another 20,000 ones. Thousand towns and villages turned into rubbles, and all the quiet and peaceful life became horrible and desperate.
Yet the relentless calamity could not destroy the love of the world. People, old and young, home and abroad, have reached out their hands to help, either in material or in spirit. To have a grateful heart would be the best commemoration. Know that there is love and gratitude, and repay the love and gratitude with action. One year has passed, how is the life of the people in quake-hit area? Those survived the May 12 Earthquake?

May 12, 2008, a day we will remember and never forget, and a day filled with blessings and gratitude! One year has passed, and a brand new life starts right here.

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That day, these people…

May 12, 2008 was a nightmare for the Chinese. In that black May, Wenchuan, the once unknown county, became the focus of the whole world. In an instant, a city turned into rubble, and hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes. Just a sigh of the earth, we have learnt the minuteness of men and the fragility of life. Yet in the life-and-death struggle, we can still perceive the huge potential of human beings.
The smile of Xue Xiao the "jolly boy"; a 12-year-old girl snapped her arm to give way to her classmates; a 16-year-old boy trudged 80 miles a day to look for his father; a teacher protected his students with his own body; a pregnant woman survived after being stranded for 50 hours; 9-year-old Lin Hao carried his classmates out of the rubbles…
Volunteers never stopped their rescuing steps in spite of aftershocks; the liberation army worked day and night to rescue every possible life; 95-year-old man donated his 100,000 yuan pension; the medical workers stuck to the temporary operating table though overfatigued; the men from Tangshan (a city in Hebei Province which suffered a devastating earthquake in 1976) rushed to the rescue despite thousand miles’ distance; the policemen stayed their position though they had lost their beloved ones…

The moment when the earthquake happened

14:28, May 19, 2008, the national mourning day

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Wipe the tears, and love sustains us to hold on. May Wenchuan arise from rubbles!

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